These productions are available for touring and presentation at schools, children’s festivals or theatres presenting family or young audience works. The pieces can be tailored to specific program needs, and can include an educational and interactive post-performance talk back or workshop. Original recorded music is part of each production. Learn more about our school programs.

p-dreamDream a Little Dream (2014; 20 min)
For ages 8+ (also suitable for adult events)
Choreographer: Sonsheree Giles. Music: Caroline Penwarden. Dancers: seven performers from the Propeller Dance Company

Inspired by the euphoria one might feel through exercise such as running or dancing, this piece indulges in the physicality and joy of dancing to music. You will notice everyday gestures (a hand wave, a high five, a shaking head) in layered and echoing patterns being deployed and explored. Social dances (the twist and various partner dances) filter through the non-linear meanderings in playful movement. The piece experiments with the use of voice by using words randomly, without their normal meaning, to become a sound element along with the music; leaving interpretation open to the audience members.

This piece was created thanks to the support of the US Embassy and in collaboration with MASC.

Watch an excerpt of this piece on Propeller’s YouTube channel:

p-boxOut of the Box (2012 duet version, 2013 youth version; 10 min)
For ages 8+ (Not available in 2015-16)
Choreographers: Jessie Huggett and Renata Soutter. Dancers: Amelia Griffin, Jessie Huggett

Performed at Centrepointe Studio Theatre, Daniel’s Spectrum Theatre Tangled Arts KidsFest (Toronto) and numerous other venues. 

Dusk Dances Ottawa commissioned a youth version for five dancers (Amelia Griffin, Jessie Huggett, Ada Tsang, Heather Croisier, AJ Tyson) who performed the piece in Strathcona Park. The piece has also been performed at the Aviation Museum Theatre during Propeller Dance’s children’s show, Propeller Avenue.

Imagine a world where being yourself is a good thing; a world where people don’t put you in a box. If you ever feel boxed in, fight back… find your friends, build your community, be ready to deconstruct and build up again, and have fun and dance through the process!

Watch an excerpt of this piece on Propeller’s YouTube channel:

p-buzzBuzz, Buzz, Buzz (2010; 15 min)
For ages 4 to 10
Direction: Shara Weaver and Renata Soutter. Music: Dominique Saint-Pierre; with voices by Michèle Francoeur, Dominique Saint-Pierre, and members of the company. Dancers: seven performers from the Propeller Dance Company. Sets and Costumes: Randi Cherry. Text: Liz Winkelaar and Shara Weaver

Here we have two short stories with truly Canadian characters not often seen in performance pieces. The stories feature black flies — lowly pesky black flies, and believe it or not, we actually create likeable creatures out of these pesky pests. In the first story we learn about how Hawk helped the Woodland Animals to make peace with the black fly, and in the second story we learn about how one black fly, who was different from all the other black flies, learned to appreciate his differences and befriend his community.

p-usUS (2010; 9 min)
For ages 10+
Choreographer: Shara Weaver. Music: Dominique Saint-Pierre. Dancers: seven performers from the Propeller Dance Company

US is a dance work about personal identity. We all have likes/dislikes and beliefs that need to be valued and expressed. US allows the Propeller Dancers to speak to school learners directly with both their bodies and words. The work was choreographed by Shara Weaver, with input from all the dance interpreters, and is geared to a grade K-8 audience. The creative process involved explorations in text and movement, gesturing and rhythmic sequencing. The music was created by Dominique Saint-Pierre, using direct sound bites from each of the dance interpreters’ text, song, and sounding.