Nicolas Benoit Mariaca is a dancer, world traveler and social engager! He spent his formative years all over North and South America, having lived in Mexico, US, Bolivia, Venezuela, Canada, Peru and Colombia. In his travels, he has been exposed to a variety of local dance forms:  Hip-Hop,  Caporales, Afro-Venezuelan and Reggaeton dances, Marinera, Salsas, Cumbia and Vallenato.  When he returned to Canada in 2016, he had the opportunity to take dance classes with Propeller. In 2018 he joined the dance troupe as a dancer in the Circuit film project, and is excited to be going on tour with the Company in 2020!

Holding a Black Belt in Karate, he helps to teach younger age groups at Douvris Martial Arts.  He also volunteers as a Classroom Assistant for the School of Dance DragonFly® Programme.