Moni Hoffman joined Propeller Dance in 2008. As a child, Moni loved dance and music, so when a friend told her about Propeller Dance, Moni could not wait to get involved. Now, Moni dances with the company and co-teaches the growing Children’s recreational class. Moni also showcased her second work, Imago Dei, as part of Propeller Dance’s Emerging Choreographer’s Program in June 2021. When Moni is not dancing, she enjoys reading, writing, hanging out with friends and family and caring for her service dog, Lectra. Moni also loves worship dance and can occasionally be found on the stage at her church giving glory to the Lord of the Dance.

[Image Description: A portrait photograph of Moni smiling. She has brown chin-length hair. She has on a mustard yellow herringbone-knitted shirt overtop a black, long-sleeved shirt. The background is black.]