Heather Daley was the founding director of the Alianait Arts Festival, the world’s circumpolar stage, and Nunavut’s premiere performing arts festival. Alianait is based in Iqaluit, Nunavut and before her retirement in December 2018, Heather was a leading force in Nunavut’s arts sector for more than sixteen years. Heather now provides consulting services to arts organizations, including the Nunavut program for the 2019 Riddu Riđđu world indigenous Festival held in Manndalen, Norway, and is a volunteer board member for Propeller Dance and Human Cargo Theatre Company.

Earlier work for the Ontario and Nunavut governments included 6 years as Director of Court Services for the Nunavut Department of Justice. Heather was awarded a Queen’s Diamond Jubilee medal and the Senate’s Canada 150 medal, and has also been recognized by both the Government of Nunavut and City of Iqaluit for outstanding community service.

[Image description: A headshot of Heather. She has short light-coloured hair and purple-blue glasses. She wears a black turtleneck and a blue scarf. She is seated in a large office.]