Christian AKA Cee Ancheta has been dancing since he was three, starting out in the Philippine Dance Troupe of Ottawa, learning and performing cultural dances from the Philippines. In 2001, he discovered his passion: bboying (breakdancing). 15+ years of Bboying have taken Cee all across Canada the US, South America and Asia, dancing for TV commercials and shows (So You Think You Can Dance Canada), and dancing onstage with artists such as Masia One, Talib Kweli and the Beastie Boys. He was invited for three consecutive years to the National Breakdance Forum in the Yukon, and being recruited to the Blueprint for Life organization (Social work though Hip Hop).

Cee’s main point of focus in his dance is to always be a student and keep learning from many different teachers/mentors and also to share all his experience and knowledge with fellow dancers and students.