• Cee Ancheta

    Christian AKA Cee Ancheta has been dancing since he was three, starting out in the Philippine Dance Troupe of Ottawa, learning and performing cultural dances from the Philippines. In 2001, he discovered his passion: bboying (breakdancing). 15+ years of Bboying have taken Cee all across Canada the US, South America and Asia, dancing for TVread more

    guest dancer

  • Dominique Saint-Pierre

    Dominique has been composing and performing music and sound design for dance, theatre, and TV for most of his life. He loves to create an organic mix of keyboards, traditional percussion, voice, and electronics. He’s toured North America and Europe with his bands, as an accompanist, and with projects like Propeller Dance, Le Groupe deread more

    Composer, Musician

  • Geneviève Beaulieu

    Geneviève Beaulieu is an interpretive dancer from Québec. Inspired by Indian classical dance, Geneviève uses dance to tell stories, express poetry and emotions. For the past decade, she has been collaborating with sitar maestro Anwar Khurshid promoting cultural diversity and has performed in numerous venues and festivals in Canada, the United States and India. Inread more

    teacher, dance partner specialist, guest dancer

  • Geoffrey Dollar

    Geoffrey Dollar is a graduate from The School of Dance Contemporary Dance Diploma Programme. Since graduating in 2016 he has remained an active member of Ottawa’s growing Dance community. He has worked with many organizations and artists such as: Ottawa Dance Directive, NAC Dance, Canada Dance Festival, the University of Ottawa Theater Department, Propeller Dance,read more

    guest dancer

  • Jesse Stewart

    Jesse Stewart is a composer, musician, visual artist, researcher, and educator. His music has been documented on over twenty recordings including Stretch Orchestra’s self-titled debut album, which was honoured with the 2012 “Instrumental Album of the Year” Juno award. His music has been performed at festivals throughout Canada, in Europe and in the United Statesread more

    Composer, Musician

  • Nicolas Benoit

    Nicolas Benoit Mariaca is a dancer, world traveler and social engager! He spent his formative years all over North and South America, having lived in Mexico, US, Bolivia, Venezuela, Canada, Peru and Colombia. In his travels, he has been exposed to a variety of local dance forms:  Hip-Hop,  Caporales, Afro-Venezuelan and Reggaeton dances, Marinera, Salsas,read more

    Apprentice Dancer