p-hockeyThe Hockey Sweater (2014; 10 min)
Choreographer: Renata Soutter and Shara Weaver
Dancers: Sylvain Bouchard, Amelia Griffin, Jessie Huggett, Liz Winkelaar. Costumes: Patrice Forbes.

Created for National Arts Centre Orchestra’s Family Adventures show The Hockey Sweater, and performed on Southam Hall stage with the National Arts Centre Orchestra.

p-maskBehind The Mask (2014; 10 min)
Choreographer: Moni Hoffman. Music: Mike Essoudry. Dancers: Amelia Griffin, Moni Hoffman, Renata Soutter

Created as part of the Emerging Choreographers Program. Premiered at Ottawa Dance Directive (ODD) March 2014.

p-needI Need You? (2014; 25 min)
Creative collaboration with Jesse StewartPerformers: Bella Bowes, Sylvain Bouchard, Robert Chartier, Amelia Griffin, Moni Hoffman, Jessie Huggett, Renata Soutter, Shara Weaver and Elizabeth Winkelaar. Music concept and performance: Jesse Stewart

Presented by GCTC and performed in Fuse at the GCTC Studio Theatre February 2015. 

Plug in, unplug, turn on, tune out, push and pull. This work explores our relationship with intimacy and technology — the lure of closeness and fear of getting too close. A unique installation piece suitable for an intimate gallery setting, as the audience sits or stands in a round and can move around the work. The dancers work with iPads to initiate spontaneous soundscape and movement. 

Explorations Exposed (2013; 20 min)
Choreographer: Tara Brandel (Croi Glan Dance Company, Ireland). Dancers: Propeller Dance Company, plus guest dancers Frank Hull and Jenn Abrams

Performed at Propeller Dance self-presented show at Churchill Community Centre


Cycle (2012, 20 min)
Choreographer: Renata Soutter. Music: Dominique Saint-Pierre. Dancers: Bella Bowes, Phil Charbonneau, Robert Chartier, Amelia Griffin, Alan Shain. Video: Pixie Cram. Costumes: Carol Millett. Props: Mark Rehder and re-cycles.

Performed at Propeller Dance self-presented Attitude show at Centrepointe Studio Theatre May 2012.

Watch an excerpt of this piece on Propeller’s YouTube channel:

Ricochet (2012, 20 min)
Choreographer: Shara Weaver and Renata Soutter. Performed by company dancers: Bella Bowes, Phil Charbonneau, Robert Chartier, Amelia Griffin, Moni Hoffman, Jessie Huggett, Renata Soutter, Shara Weaver, Liz Winkelaar. Music: Dominique Saint-Pierre

Performed at Propeller Dance self-presented Attitude show at Centrepointe Studio Theatre, Ottawa May 31, 2012

Cycle 8 (2011, 15 min)
Choreographer: Renata Soutter. Dancers: Phil Charbonneau, Robert Chartier, Renata Soutter

Performed at the Richcraft Theatre, Ottawa.


Tracked (2011; 15 min)
Choreographers: Renata Soutter and Shara Weaver. Music: Dominique Saint-Pierre. Dancers: Bella Bowes, Julia Gutsik, Alan Shain

Performed at Corps Atypik, Quebec’s first integrated dance festival, at Studio 303 in Montreal March 12, 2011 and during Propeller Dance’s self-produced show Cross Over at Richcraft Theatre, Ottawa.

p-bounceBounce (2011; 15 min)
Collaborative creation and performance by the Propeller Dance CompanyMusic: Mike Essoudry

Performed at Richcraft Theatre, Lumiere Festival Ottawa, and for numerous special events.

p-reactionReaction (2009; 15 min)
For ages 14+
Choreographer: Renata Soutter. Music: Dominique Saint-Pierre. Dancers: seven performers from the Propeller Dance Company.

Reaction is a stirring work about our human need for love and connection. The piece is about the similarities we share as human beings, and the base, primal emotional experiences that makes us human… that of experiencing love. The work explores how love express itself in movement, without words, how we show the many types of love… that of romantic love, or deep friendship, or the love between a mother and child. And the inherently duality of such a strong emotion, if there is love, there is also heartbreak, pain, rejection, abandonment, but hopefully affection, tenderness, intimacy reign?

Reaction has been performed in dozens of schools, and at Able Artists Festival in Kingston, and on the Irving Greenberg Theatre Stage, Ottawa.

ViewFinder (2008; 20 min)
Choreographed and Performed by: Alan Shain, Renata Soutter, Shara Weaver. Music: Chessie

Performed at Arts Court Theatre Ottawa, Studio 303 Montreal, Vertigo Studio Theatre presented by Momo Dance Calgary, National Gallery Theatre (2009), Ottawa School of Speech and Drama, and for the Society for Manitobans with Disability Conference Winnipeg (2010).

Past shows have also included: Lift (2009) at NAC 4th Stage, Shedding Light (2010) at Arts Court Theatre, Egress My Love at Canadian Space and Aviation Museum Theatre (2014); Children’s shows Propeller Avenue (2014) and Travel Bugs (2013); guest appearances at Alumni Theatre Ottawa University, VLN Reach gala at Museum of Civilization, and many more.