During these uncertain times, Propeller Dance remains resilient and is happy to announce that it has shifted its MASC (Multicultural Arts for Schools and Communities) programming to a fully virtual format! Propeller Dance is dedicated to demonstrate through dance that WE ARE ALL ABLE by continuing to push boundaries and offer excellence in professional, recreational, and educational programming in order to best serve the communities and artists who provide their generous and unrelenting support.

Discover Propeller Dance’s Programming for schools and communities and Watch the Video Now!
[Video description: Propeller Dance instructor and former MASC student, Geoffrey Dollar, explains the philosophy of Propeller Dance’s programming, interspersed with still images of workshops being taught in person and virtually, and company repertoire.]

Three exciting workshops are now available for purchase on MASC’s website, each offering unique, though equally engaging, content for students from kindergarten all the way to high school. These workshops will build empathy and understanding of our shared differences, explore elements of integrated dance such as breathwork and movement exercises based on Propeller Dance’s methodologies and practices. They will also encourage participants to express and develop their creativity with guided improvisation and movement creation exercises, as well as offer students the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the repertoire and bodies of work created by Propeller Dance.  

This exciting line up offers something engaging for every student, of all abilities and levels of study.  

Share the news within your community in order to help us share the power of possibility! Link to the Propeller Dance page on the MASC website: http://www.masconline.ca/en/artists/directory/propeller-dance.aspx

A screenshot of two Propeller Dance instructors giving a workshop with "MASC Programming" text overlaid.
[Image description: A screenshot of Geoffrey Dollar and Nicolas Benoit leading a MASC workshop. They are tapping one hand on the opposite outstretched arm. Both are wearing black and are in separate spaces with beige walls behind them. White text overlaid in a red diamond graphic reads: “MASC Programming online and live workshops for all grades and abilities.”]