My Mother’s Mother’s Mother’s Mother

(2018; 45 minutes)

Choreographer: Rob Chartier with Aroussen, Sylvain Bouchard and Marc Meyer Music: Bryce Morison Costumes: Genevieve Beaulieu, Genevieve Sirois-Leclerc and dancer’s own

A photograph of two dancers performing Propeller Dance's My Mother's Mother's Mother

[Image Description: A photograph of two dancers performing Propeller Dance’s My Mother’s Mother’s Mother’s Mother. Both wear traditional Wendake clothing. One plays a hand-held drum. There is a snowy scene projected on the stage wall behind them.]

Company dancer Rob Chartier, through the Emerging Choreographers program, has created this piece about his journey to find and connect with his Wendake roots. Developed with input from Wendake artists Aroussen and Bryce Morison, it is a beautiful piece of personal and traditional storytelling through words, music and dance.

Picture This [working title]

(2018; 20 minutes)

Choreographer: Shara Weaver and Surraya Aziz with input from all the dancers Music: Jesse Stewart Costumes: Genevieve Beaulieu

A picture of the cast performing Propeller Dance's Picture This.

[Image Description: A picture of the cast performing Propeller Dance’s Picture This. Ten dancers dressed in white look off to the side with one arm extended in the direction of focus, the other arm pulled back like it is stretching a bow, their stance is wide. There is an artistic rendering of a flower projected on the back wall of the stage.]

Picture This is about trusting our own wisdom and celebrating our unique selves in a world full of societal barriers. Special thanks to Psychiatric Survivors of Ottawa and The Royal.

This piece was a community collaboration in 2018 and was developed for GCTC’s mainstage as a company piece in 2019.