A wonderful arts supporter once told us “Directing an arts organization is akin to walking a tightrope”. You know you’ll take steps forward and back, and sometimes balance your way to new heights, and sometimes slip and fall into new experiences. When you fall (which is not a negative, just part of growth and change) you sometimes fall on the side of mermaids. 

Such an experience happened for Shara and I (Renata), when a very curious and open Eric Coates, Artistic Director of the Great Canadian Theatre Company (GCTC), came to one of our shows. After conversation and connection, we found a path forward – together. Long story short, (that Eric articulates so beautifully in his story below) Eric invited Propeller Dance to become Artists-in-residence at GCTC. Six years later we are still “living” under the GCTC roof, snuggled in next to amazing collaborators, listeners, warm and willing professionals. The partnership between GCTC and Propeller is a model rarely seen in Canadian arts organizations, yet one that has mutually benefitted both organizations in a myriad of positive ways. 

We are so grateful to Eric, and want to say THANK YOU and wish him well on his next adventures! We will miss his warm smiling supportive presence, and look forward to where our paths might  cross down the road. 

Thank you Eric, Bon Voyage! You have truly made an impact. 

Link to Eric’s farewell message on the GCTC website: https://www.gctc.ca/blog-news/erics-farewell