Propeller Dance is thrilled to announce the premiere of our first ever film project 
at Cinédanse on September 21 at 1:30pm
 at Club SAW, 67 Nicholas St
Admission is Pay-What-You-Like
The 30 minute film will be presented alongside French dance  film “Le Pays Où Tout est à Prendre au Seriéux” and a documentary on Montreal dancer Lazylegz, “Pas d’Excuses, Pas de Limites”. 
Circuit explores societal and individual transformation, a journey through lands past and present. It is a call to get out of our heads and back to the heart of why we exist. Circuit is Propeller Dance’s premiere dance film, the result of a soulful collaboration with DRUMHAND.
Circuit is Directed and Edited by: Ed Hanley 
Choreographed by: Shara Weaver 
Music Composition by: Larry Graves
Circuit was filmed July 2018 at Centrepointe Theatres