Youth Recreational Classes (Ages 13-25)


Youth Class, Saturdays at Hintonburg Community Centre, 12:45-2:00
Teachers: Geoff Dollar and Sylvain Bouchard
Fall 2018: September 22-December 1, 10 classes for $126
Winter/Spring 2019: January 12-May 25, 15 classes for $189

Propeller Dance classes are fun, expressive, and stimulating! Expert dance teachers, including some of the most experienced in the city and in Canada, create professional learning environments where physical and creative expression through dance soar. Students learn a rigorous dance methodology, supported to each individual’s learning style, that encourages each student to reach their potential and make friends in the process. Classes are accompanied by a professional live musician. Annually, the group may have opportunities for performance.

All sites are in accessible locations for people who use mobility aids. All people who choose to dance are welcome.

If individual support is required, we welcome you to arrange for a care person to accompany you or your child. Support people are welcome at no extra cost.

Class fees work out to an average of $12.60 per class. Generally participants pay the term fee at the beginning of each seasonal session. We aim to keep our costs accessible so that all people, regardless of income, can participate, and subsidies may be available on request. 

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