Youth and Young Adult Recreational (Ages 13 and up)                

Saturdays, 1:00-2:00

Teacher: Surraya Aziz

Propeller Dance classes are fun, expressive, and stimulating! Expert dance teachers, including some of the most experienced in the city and in Canada, create professional learning environments where physical and creative expression through dance soar. Students learn a rigorous dance methodology, supported to each individual’s learning style, that encourages each student to reach their potential and make friends in the process. Classes are accompanied by a professional live musician. Annually, the group may have opportunities for performance.

All sites are in accessible locations for people who use mobility aids. All people who choose to dance are welcome.

This Fall 2020, we are keeping our classes digital so that we can continue to stay connected safely while reaching a wider audience!

We will be offering two class packages:

1) live classes on Zoom-5 classes for $50 September 26-October 31

2) NEW prerecorded classes-5 classes for $50 which will be available to you via video links near the end of October. These recorded classes can be accessed as often as you’d like -on your own schedule and at your own pace!

We aim to keep our costs accessible so that all people, regardless of income, can participate, and subsidies may be available on request. 


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