Youth Recreational/Classe jeunesse (Ages 13-25)                *Now bilingual/Maintenant bilingue!*

Saturdays/les samedis, Hintonburg Community Centre, 12:45-2:00

WHOLE SESSION ENTIÈRE (pour les nouveaux étudiants // for new students) REGISTER HERE/INSCRIVEZ-VOUS ICI
Session: Jan 12th to May 25th – Du 12 janvier au 25 mai
12:45-2:00pm – de 12h45 à 14h00
$189.00 (subvention disponible // subsidy available)

We are excited to announce that starting on January 12th, our Youth Class will now be Propeller Dance’s first bilingual class!

 Our community of dancers, teachers, students, and supporters reflect the bilingual nature of our Nation’s Capital. Youth Class Teachers Geoffrey Dollar and Sylvain Bouchard will have the pleasure of teaching these classes using Propeller’s established vocabulary of inclusive dance training while offering explanations for each exercise in French and English.
Nous sommes heureux de vous annoncer qu’à partir du 12 janvier, notre classe jeunesse sera la première classe bilingue de Propeller Dance!
Notre communauté Ottavienne de danseurs, de professeurs, d’étudiants et de partisans s’agit d’un rassemblement unique de gens qui utilisent, au quotidien, les deux langues officielles du Canada; Geoffrey Dollar et Sylvain Bouchard auront le plaisir d’offrir une formation en danse intégrée qui utilise le vocabulaire inclusif établi par Propeller Dance afin de décrire chaque exercice en Français et en Anglais.
Si vous avez entre 13 et 25 ans, et que vous êtes anglophones, francophones, Franco-Ontariens, Québécois, Franco-Canadiens etc. joignez-vous à nous pour ces nouvelles classes encore plus inclusives!

Propeller Dance classes are fun, expressive, and stimulating! Expert dance teachers, including some of the most experienced in the city and in Canada, create professional learning environments where physical and creative expression through dance soar. Students learn a rigorous dance methodology, supported to each individual’s learning style, that encourages each student to reach their potential and make friends in the process. Classes are accompanied by a professional live musician. Annually, the group may have opportunities for performance.

All sites are in accessible locations for people who use mobility aids. All people who choose to dance are welcome.

If individual support is required, we welcome you to arrange for a care person to accompany you or your child. Support people are welcome at no extra cost.

Class fees work out to an average of $12.60 per class. Generally participants pay the term fee at the beginning of each seasonal session. We aim to keep our costs accessible so that all people, regardless of income, can participate, and subsidies may be available on request. 

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