Children’s Recreational Classes

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 Children 4-7, Saturdays at Centennial Public School, 10:45-11:45 (with 8-12)  REGISTER NOW!!
Teachers: Moni Hoffman and Emily St-Aubin
Winter/Spring 2019: January 12-May 25, 15 classes for $189                                                            

Children 8-12, Saturdays at Centennial Public School, 10:45-11:45
Teachers: Moni Hoffman and Geoff Dollar
Winter/Spring 2019: January 12-May 25, 15 classes for $189

This program gives children the opportunity to develop their own interests in creative expression, explore their unique styles of moving, gain dance skills such as cause and effect, musicality, extension, and repetition, plus create dances within an integrated setting in a supportive and fun atmosphere. Live percussion inspires children to move in this class.

The classes are structured so as to offer a balance between expression and dance technique. Students are assisted by adult teaching assistants with disabilities, providing valuable role models to young dancers.

Creative dance is extremely effective in teaching children communication skills. For example, by linking emotions to dance – “how would you dance when you are angry… happy… scared…” – we give children the opportunity to communicate through non-verbal means. We have created dances over the years using themes from polar bears and chickens to the human skeleton, from doctors’ offices to beautiful bodies.

All sites are in accessible locations for people who use mobility aids. All children who choose to dance are welcome.

If individual support is required, we welcome you to arrange for a care person to accompany you or your child. Support people are welcome at no extra cost. Parents are welcome to participate in their child’s class (for ages 4 to 7).

Class fees work out to an average of $12.60 per class. Generally participants pay the term fee at the beginning of each seasonal session. We aim to keep our costs accessible so that all people, regardless of income, can participate, and subsidies may be available on request. 

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