Blog post by Michael Mascarin

On Saturday, July 18, Propeller Dance, a company from Ottawa, performed at the Harbourfront Centre. They performed at Ontario’s Celebration Zone during the Pan Am/Parapan Am Games for the Toronto audience. All of the members of the company have different abilities and they perform together to create beautiful dances. Two pieces were performed at the event, which ran for an hour altogether.

The first number, Deliverables, was about the world of work. The music by Dominique Saint-Pierre was edgy and taunting as the dancers tried to work with their horrible boss who pushed them around. The dancers were dressed in shirts and ties. Towards the end of the number, the dancers started to fight back against the boss and the piles of paper. They showed their anger towards the boss in a humorous way. I enjoyed the piece because it was full of energy and funny.

The two choreographers, Renata Soutter and Shara Weaver, came out to talk about the group. They said that they were excited to be in Toronto and that they are hoping to travel to other places in the future.

The second number, Flesh and Spokes, was a longer piece. It consisted of dancing that brought the whole group together. All of the members used metal rings; twirling them around, hanging them on the wheelchairs and wrapping them around each other. The gray costumes included leather straps that wrapped around the dancers’ bodies. The music by Jesse Stewart was played on a wheelchair. It was amazing! During the show, one of the dancers even started taking his wheelchair apart and it was used to play music on, which caught the audience by surprise.

Overall, it seemed like the audience enjoyed the performance based on their enthusiastic response. If you want to see dance that includes all kinds of dancers, this is the group for you! I would recommend that people go and see Propeller Dance in the future!!

michael-mascarinMy name is Michael Mascarin and I am an 18-year-old with an interest in the arts. I study vocal music and I will attend Durham College next year. I am a long time fan of Propeller Dance and the nephew of co-director, Shara Weaver. This is my first blog post. Hope you like it!