Education Team

  • Moni Hoffman

    Moni has been dancing with Propeller Dance since 2008. As one of three choreographers selected for Propeller’s Emerging Choreographer’s Program, Moni received training to create, produce, and dance her original piece Behind the Mask. Moni also delights in using both dance and choreography in her worship of God both at home and in church. For […]

    COMPANY DANCER (2008-present), Teaching Assistant

  • Renata Soutter

    Renata Soutter is Co-Artistic Director and Co-Founder of Propeller Dance. She has dedicated her professional career to socially-engaged dance innovation through creation, performance, community outreach, and education. Her numerous professional creations for Propeller Dance include Drifting Up (2013), Flesh and Spokes (2015), a commission by Dusk Dances Ottawa, and community collaborations with the Ottawa Inuit […]

    Co-Director, Choreographer, Teacher, Company Dancer

  • Robert Chartier

    Robert trained with DanceAbility and has performed with Propeller Dance since its creation. He is a teaching assistant for classes and has been an integral part of demonstration performances and workshops in schools. He has performed annually with Propeller Dance at their stage shows in Ottawa, Toronto, Kitchener, and Kingston, and loves to motivate people […]

    COMPANY DANCER (2007-present), Teaching Assistant

  • Shara Weaver

    Shara Weaver is one-half of the creative and administrative force behind Propeller Dance. She choreographs, writes grants, teaches dance, strategizes organizational development and takes the lead on certain projects such as Propeller’s weekly Children’s program for 4-12 year olds.

    Co-Director, Choreographer, Teacher, Company Dancer

  • Siôned Watkins

    Siôned has been a professional dancer for over 20 years and is a licensed Gyrotonic© and Gyrokinesis© instructor. Siôned is dedicated to sharing these modalities with professionals, teachers, and students alike. She has taught at École De Danse De Montréal, UQAM, Concordia, School of Dance, and Ottawa Dance Directive. Also a co-founder of Dance 101 […]

    Guest Dancer, Teacher