• Alan Shain

    Alan is a multi disciplinary performance artist working in-stand-up comedy, theatre, dance, and storytelling. He has toured extensively across North America, England, and Australia performing in venues such as the Kennedy Centre for the Performing Arts and for events such as the Paralympian Arts Festival. Alan is one of the co-founders of Propeller Dance along […]


  • Allison Burns

    Allison Burns is a dancer, choreographer, producer and teacher. She is thrilled to be a guest dancer and teacher with Propeller this year. Allison is responsible for initiating and choreographing two new multidisciplinary creations in 2017. She recently collaborated with Odyssey Theatre, and will soon be working with 9th Hour Theatre. She has performed in […]

    guest dancer, teacher

  • Angel Araos

    Angel is a Chilean-born percussionist whose career has spanned classical, jazz, folk, Brazilian, and Cuban music. He has performed widely in Canada and South America with numerous ensembles, and has also played for various modern dance classes in Ottawa. Angel is the recipient of a Juno award in the “world music” category as a member of the group “Ancient Cultures.” With […]

    Composer, Musician

  • Bryce Morison (Black Eagle)

        Bryce is a traditional Pow Wow dancer, as well as a singer and  drummer. For several years he studied his culture with different elders from the Cree, Blackfoot and Micmac nations. During the summer season Bryce  dances at different Pow Wows throughout first nations of Québec.

    Composer, musician

  • Dominique Saint-Pierre

    Dominique has been composing and performing music and sound design for dance, theatre, and TV for most of his life. He loves to create an organic mix of keyboards, traditional percussion, voice, and electronics. He’s toured North America and Europe with his bands, as an accompanist, and with projects like Propeller Dance, Le Groupe de […]

    Composer, Musician


    DRUMHAND was founded by percussionists David Chan, Larry Graves, and Steve Mancuso in 2008, combining the circuitous rhythms of warm climates with the jazz-imbued horn work of Marcus Ali and Rebecca Hennessy. With layered drumming and poly-meter at the core, many of DRUMHAND’s accessible and edgy compositions feature the one-stringed ‘stomach harp’ of Brazil or […]


  • Geoffrey Dollar

    Born in Winnipeg and raised in Ottawa, Geoff has grown up in an artistic environment which always supported and encouraged his involvement in the arts. His background comprises of Ballroom/Latin dancing, gymnastics, aerial silks, as well as playing the piano. He graduated from De-La-Salle High School with a Specialist High Skills Major in dance, and is currently studying at […]

    guest dancer, teacher

  • Isabelle Gros-Louis (Aroussen)

    Isabelle began dancing at 5 years old with Wendat folk dances, and hasn’t stopped since. She has travelled throughout Canada, Europe and the USA for dancing. She was a dancer at the Vancouver Olympic Games in 2010 during the Opening Ceremonies. She has been both a lead dancer and choreographer for many pieces since 2008, […]

    choreographer, guest dancer

  • Jesse Stewart

    Jesse is an award-winning composer, improviser, percussionist, visual artist, instrument builder, researcher, writer, and educator, dedicated to reimagining the spaces between artistic disciplines. As a musician, he works primarily in the areas of jazz, new music, and free improvisation. Jesse is currently a member of Stretch Orchestra (with Kevin Breit and Matt Brubeck), a group that […]

    Composer, Musician

  • Larry Graves

    Larry is a Juno-nominated multi-percussionist, drummer and composer. He has dedicated himself to innovation, exploring rhythm-based performance traditions from around the world through study, creation, and teaching. After studying performance and composition at the Berklee College of Music, he was charmed by the deep sounds and wondrous poly-rhythms of West Africa. In 2011, Larry returned to […]

    Composer, Musician