If you are looking for a unique opportunity for your child, look no further than recreational dance classes with Propeller Dance! Propeller Dance is a leader in teaching integrated dance, where people with and without disability learn and dance together in the same class. Propeller’s 2018 teaching team boasts a slate of instructors, dance supports and musicians who have all been mentored by Propeller in how to engage and teach people of all abilities in its special style of dance that is accessible to all. A real treat is that all classes are accompanied by live musicians. Recreational dance classes have been offered by Propeller Dance activities over the past 10 years.  
The 2018 winter session of classes has new offerings for children aged 4-12, with the opportunity for parents to participate if they wish. Winter classes start January 13th at Centennial Public School. For more information about classes and how to register email info@propellerdance.com.