photo of Dominique Saint-Pierre

Dominique Saint-Pierre

Dominique Saint-Pierre is a guest musician in two of Propeller Dance’s pieces featured in the June 2016 production of ROAR. Dominique shares his thoughts on both works.

“For the upcoming Propeller Dance show ROAR, I have been fortunate to create music for two pieces with Renata Soutter and Liz Winkelaar. And it marks the third year that I have created music and worked with youth from the wonderful group at the Ottawa Inuit Children’s Centre for a piece choreographed by Renata, Umajuit, involving Inuit culture-inspired movement and dance. It has also been very enlightening to work with Elders whose knowledge brought so much to the work, from drumming to anecdotes about Inuit life to nature-inspired dance movements and narration in Inuktitut. I have been honoured to work alongside Sytukie Joamie and to learn hands-on about a culture that I found fascinating but knew very little about. To see the progress and the happiness on the children’s faces as they rehearse and create, it is a wonderful feeling.

“When I first saw Liz Winkelaar’s piece Spasticus as a work-in-progress at Arts Court two years ago, it really hit me and I thought it had a lot of guts. I too was a fan of Ian Dury’s punky funky music back in the day. Needless to say, when Liz approached me to see if I would be interested in creating additional music and soundscapes for the work, I jumped at the occasion. I have been with Propeller Dance for many years and working with the company has been a most valued part of my life. To see what Liz, Renata, and the dancers have created was amazing, and the inspiration came easily as I was extremely moved by what I saw. The various « tableaux », Liz’s very personal vision, and the dancer’s inspired performances provided many creative opportunities for the soundscore. I had a great time working with cellist Andrée Préfontaine and jamming on Liz’s images on the piano and cello. Work like this is empowering and rewarding, and I thank Liz, Renata, and Propeller Dance for the opportunity.”